Padoscoin is a cutting-edge, crowd funded diversified crypto currency techno mining operation built and managed by a team of industry experts and professionals staff on behalf of the Padoscoin Community. Padoscoin Community Members contribute to building Padoscoin mining centers and share their output transparently and equitably using Ethereum-based. To provide maximum mining efficiency, the Padoscoin Management Team obtains Cutting-edge technology at wholesale prices and electricity at ultra-low industrial rates, with High-level safety and security measures to protect the Community’s investment. Each Community Member automatically receives access to regular and transparent accounting and reporting on all costs and output. Padoscoin Community Members obtain Ethereum-based Token P that represent their Participation in Padoscoin. Three-fourths (75 percent) of Padoscoin output, minusbasic operating costs including electricity, will be use for stability of price P token on exchange. (25percent) is re-invested into new Techno mining hardware to keep Padoscoin mining Centers at the cutting edge of mining technology. At Padoscoin we believe that crypto currency is the next step in the evolution of payments and value storage. It allows parties to not only transfer value to one another, but to avoid the unnecessary and typically high transaction costs of traditional intermediaries. The block chain technology that crypto currency is based on opens new horizons for society, communities, businesses, governments, and NGOs. There are countless ways to apply block chain that will enable us to run social networks, banking, e-commerce, insurance, and many other services in a safe, more efficient, and decentralized way – without the need for a central operator or other intermediary.


Leverage those funds to procure the best mining equipment and other necessities at the lowest possible prices.

Set up the hardware in a suitable facility and start mining.

22% from our profit mining will go into re-investment for procuring new machine and 3% will research and development.

For the price stability of P token with 75% mining profit a week.

Token Sale


Token Name


ICO Token Type


Total Token Supply

260,000,000 P

Token Sale

156,000,000 P
60% Token supply

Hard Cap

$ 7,020,000

Soft Cap

$ 1,500,000

Token Distribution
Tokenomics Calculation


August 19, 2019

Development Start

October 31, 2019

Open Pre ICO

Token sale event before the official ICO campaign goes live.

January 31, 2020

Pre ICO Ended

February 03, 2020

Order Machine

Order For First Miner Will be Placed After Achieiving Softcap.

February 04, 2020

GPU Construction

Construction Of GPU Farm Will Start.

March 01, 2020

Open ICO

Official and public token sale event start.

June 04, 2020

ICO Ended

June 07, 2020

Second Order

Second Order Will be Place Of Mining Machine.

July 04, 2020

First Order Received

First Order Miner Machine Will be Received.

July 24, 2020

Mining Started

Mining Process Will be Started.

August, 2020

Will be listed on Exchange

Nov 30, 2020

Second Order Received

Second Order Miner Machine Will be Received.

Dec 20, 2020

Add to Mining Process

Our Team


Padoscoin is a community of people who mine cryptocurrency profitably by combining resources to achieve savings on cutting-edge equipment, professional maintenance, and low-cost electricity.

Padoscoin is a limited token utility that can provide benefits to investors by maintaining the stability price of P tokens on exchangers, with assets that continue to grow based on mining results to maintain price stability on padoscoin and will increase the price of Padoscoin as assets increase. We have cryptocurrency real asset mining that will provide significant mining results because we use the latest machines with higher mining speeds. Mining requires power and a high technology system, especially in cryptocurrency mining.

In a cryptocurrency network, mining is the validation of transactions in that cryptocurrency. The encryption necessary to do it requires significant computing power. For contributing to this effort, successful miners receive cryptocurrency as a reward.

Because it is a scalable and efficient way to create a worldwide community of participants interested in the benefits of a crowdfunded cryptocurrency mining operation.

Padoscoin is not a two-year or three-year project. Padoscoin will mine as long as it can mine profitably. The plan is to continuously reinvest 25 percent of net output into equipment upgrades to keep Padoscoin on the cutting edge of mining efficiency and profitability.



Padoscoin is planning to be listed on top crypto exchanges (the list is to be confirmed)

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